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Where can I find orthodontics for children in Carlsbad?

Here in Carlsbad, we love our beautiful community and are proud to offer the highest quality pediatric and orthodontic care for our neighbors. Our multi-specialty practice provides state-of-the-art dental care for children ranging from infancy throughout their adolescent years, offering the essentials in preventive and emergency care, as well as orthodontics for children in Carlsbad. With a dual-sided approach to specialized dental care, we’re prepared to successfully address the oral healthcare needs of your kids at every stage of their development. Conveniently open throughout the week, and by appointment on Saturdays, our office is here for you whether it’s back-to-school checkup time, they’ve got a toothache, or you have concerns about thumb sucking or premature tooth loss.

orthodontics for children in Carlsbad

At our office, pediatric dental care goes beyond routine checkups and treatments for cavities. Our specialists are prepared to diagnose and address a variety of harmful oral habits and help to ensure that your kid’s dental anatomy develops in the healthiest possible manner. Among the most common oral habits is thumb or digit sucking. Finger sucking can often provide children with a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and security, and even help them to fall asleep at night. But when a finger sucking habit continues beyond the preschool years, as the permanent teeth are getting ready to come in, this oral habit can increase the chance of developing an improperly aligned bite. Your pediatric dentist can provide professional guidance for habit control strategies, and carefully assess if there have been any habit-related alterations to the alignment of your children’s teeth and jaws. In certain cases, an interceptive appliance can be used to correct harmful oral habits. With unhealthy shifting of the teeth and jaws, our office is further prepared to correct your children’s bite using orthodontics for children in Carlsbad.

When it comes to pediatric dentistry and orthodontics for children in Carlsbad, you can trust the team at Great Smiles. To schedule your next visit, give our friendly staff a call at the number below today!

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