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Where can I find a Pediatric Dental Exam Carlsbad?

When it comes to quality pediatric dental care, you can count on the professional team at Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. Our pediatric dentists are fully equipped to provide your children with the gentle, compassionate, and light-hearted dental treatment they deserve. According to the American Dental Association, one of the best ways to help your children establish and maintain excellent oral health, along with good oral care habits, is to bring them in for a pediatric dental exam Carlsbad once every six months. With the professional oversight of our experienced pediatric specialists, we can help protect your kids from a wide range of dental conditions, and help them develop a positive attitude towards their own oral health.

Pediatric Dental Exam Carlsbad

As pediatric specialists, our dentists are trained to check for a comprehensive range of dental conditions which typically affect children. The single most chronic disease among children is dental tooth decay, the process which leads to the development of cavities. According to recent research, over 50% of children between the ages of 5 and 9 years, have at least one cavity or dental filling. Whether your kids have had cavities or not, our pediatric dentists offer the treatments and encouraging instruction necessary to help prevent cavities in the future. Apart from carefully checking on the health of their developing teeth, gums, and jaws, during their pediatric dental exam Carlsbad, professional instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing will also be provided. A good oral care regimen at home is critical in the prevention of dental disease, and an excellent habit to develop early on. Your kids will also periodically receive specialized treatments, such as the application of fluoride varnish and dental sealants, to help strengthen and shield their teeth from harmful bacteria.

If it has been six months or longer since your kids last came in for a pediatric dental exam Carlsbad, plan on scheduling your next one at our office! Our experienced pediatric dentists tailor their services for your children’s needs, and are always happy to see a new smile! To plan your next visit, contact the friendly staff at Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics today!

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