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Kids dental office in Carlsbad

Where can I find a kids dental office in Carlsbad?

Why take your children in to see just any dentist when they can see a pediatric specialist? From the moment your children’s teeth first peek out above the gum line, they are susceptible to decay. The latest research indicates taking your children to your kids dental office in Carlsbad is best to do early on. At Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, their dentists and caring, professional staff specialize in providing care tailored to the unique needs of children, ranging in age from infancy through adolescence. Highly experienced at putting children at ease in the dental chair, they’re your source for skill and experience, and gentle, thorough pediatric oral healthcare.

Kids dental office in Carlsbad

The team at your kids dental office in Carlsbad provide routine preventive care, which studies show can avert decay, gum disease and an array of developmental problems. By bringing your young ones to the dentist twice a year for a comprehensive oral exam, your dentist can treat any issues at their first signs. From the onset of dental decay, to addressing harmful habits, such as prolonged digit sucking, tongue thrusting, or problematic breathing or swallowing patterns, your pediatric dentist is specially trained to watch out for any issues which can adversely affect your children’s oral and overall health. They also make learning why and how to brush and floss properly an engaging educational experience, and will teach your children about the importance and benefits of a healthy, nutritious diet. Your pediatric dentist always takes the time to address your questions and concerns as a parent, from the dangers of baby bottle syndrome, to space maintenance for lost teeth, and the benefits of using sports mouth guards when your children begin playing individual or team sports.

When it’s time for your children to visit the dentist, choose the specialists at Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. Warmly welcoming new patients and their parents to their state-of-the-art kids dental office in Carlsbad, they look forward to getting to know all the generations of your family and helping to establish and maintain excellent oral health for them all.

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