Children’s dentist and orthodontist in Carlsbad

Where can I find a children’s dentist and orthodontist in Carlsbad?

When it comes to finding a highly-skilled, specially trained children’s dentist and orthodontist in Carlsbad, you’re going to want to choose a pediatric specialist experienced in providing care for patients with special needs that has an established reputation for excellence. At Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, their expert dentists and orthodontists provide compassionate and gentle oral care for children with special needs. Whether your children have physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory or mental impairment, or an orofacial disorder or condition, your pediatric dentist is prepared to take the necessary considerations into account for delivering exceptional dental care.

Children’s dentist and orthodontist in Carlsbad

Emphasizing a preventive approach to pediatric dental care, your children’s dentist in Carlsbad encourages patients to come in for routine checkups and teeth cleanings every 6 months. By making regular visits, your pediatric dentist can closely monitor the health and development of your children’s teeth, gums, and jaws, spotting dental conditions early on, when they are easiest to treat.

Your children’s dentists and orthodontists in Carlsbad also provide sedation options for children who have dental anxiety, phobia, or difficulty staying still during treatment. Specifically tailored to the needs of your children, your pedodontist provides sedation in the form of nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, IV sedation, as well as general anesthesia performed in the appropriate setting for particular procedures or circumstances. Always under the most careful supervision, sedation can make all the difference for keeping your children comfortable, relaxed, and free of anxiety during a procedure.

As your children’s dentists and orthodontists in Carlsbad, the pediatric experts at Great Smiles have undergone additional training for providing highly specialized pediatric and orthodontic care for patients with special needs. Trained in all areas of behavior management, and particularly sensitive to the needs of children, it is their primary concern to make your children’s visit to the dentist or orthodontist a positive and comfortable experience. To schedule an appointment with an experienced pediatric dentist or orthodontist, contact Great Smiles Pediatric Dentistry today.

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